We are a medical clinic driven towards holistic practices that encompass a patient’s mind, body, and soul in the management and prevention of disease or disability.


This proposal encapsulates Holistic Care’s vision to build a stronger, more empowered youth by promoting an all-inclusive health solution for our community.

We aim to raise self-awareness and strengthen the mind-body connection through our interactive Health Camps, and push individuals to become the best version of themselves.


The human body operates in synergy with an interlinked, complex ecosystem. This is precisely why we advocate for a holistic approach to healing and medicine, to ensure a Healthy and Beautiful You.

Similarly, the goal is to strike a balance between allopathic practices and natural healing by steering our community away from sole dependence on pharmaceutical solutions.


Our strategy consists of collaborating with academic and business institutions, and conduct biannual health campaigns for their valued student body and workforce.

We will set up these health camps on-site, prepped with our extensive team of healthcare providers.

Our team will assess the mental and physical health of individuals, provide solution-oriented strategies, and offer a wide range of services for respective issues. Additionally, these camps will help identify prevalent health problems and bring us closer to combating them.

These assessment camps will be accompanied by informational seminars – exempt for secondary-level pupils – that will highlight holistic approaches for health pertaining to the bones, muscles, heart, skin, hair, and mind.

To put our mission into action, we would like to organize a free medical camp at your institute. This will entail affordable healthcare and free health information and consultation.

Whilst this ideology is proactive and community-centric, it also helps strengthen Holistic Care and (name of institute) as market competitors and leaders for wellness. We hope to see you join us in our endeavor to optimize mind-body wellness.

Please feel to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to sitting down with you and discussing this in further detail.


Faizan Ahmad Taj


Our Team


The philosophy of holistic nutrition, much like the concept of holistic care, stems from acknowledgment and examination of a person’s entire physical and mental being before deciding on a course of action in the management and treatment of disease or disability. Nutrition is not only referred to as a customized diet plan in case you need to shed some pounds, but we take it as a daily medicine. This thrice a day intake, if taken properly, can help you skip any daily medicine.

Our Nutritionist:

Ms. Ayesha Nasir


Our skin speaks a thousand words, before we speak, our skin shouts. Holistic care is, but not limited to, treating your skin with right nutrients and minerals required to heal. The concept of holistic skincare includes a complete evaluation and rejuvenation of your skin from inside and out to maintain a sustainable routine.

Our Skin Specialist:

Dr. Huma Saleem

Dr. Amber Bashir

Dr. Kanwal Jawad

Dr. Amna Nasir

Dr. Momina Khan.


Our physiotherapists help patients affected by injury, disability, or illness through exercise and manual therapy. It is a holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of pain disorders. Plus, we don’t only treat patients suffering an injury, but we help to educate how we are continuously stressing our body and muscles which in result one day collapse unknowingly.

Our Physiotherapists:

Dr. Qaddar Zafar

Dr. Marium Farooq.


An orthopedic doctor at Holistic Care doesn’t only diagnoses and treats injuries but also helps you manage conditions which get worse over time like arthritis or osteoporosis. We also try to focus on much neglected “Overuse injuries”. When dealing with chronic and musculoskeletal complications, our providers suggest a variety of procedures for expedited recovery.

Our Orthopedic:

Dr. Zeeshan Saleem


Patients come to our clinic with several neurological conditions ranging from concussions, ADHD/ADD, traumatic brain injuries to learning disabilities, and more. At Holistic Care we seek to treat the whole body rather than just the problem area as each part of the human body depends on the others to live and thrive.

Our Neurologist:

Dr. Rafaqat Shafique.

Adult & Pediatric Psychologist

Our major goal of psychology is to improve the human behavior. Attitude psychology has a powerful influence over behavior and affect how people act in various situations. With this kind of professional insight, a physiologist can help people improve their decision making, stress management and behavior based on understanding past behavior to better predict future behavior.

Our Psychologist:

Ms. Fatima Iftikhar.


Holistic urology deals in the management of all aspects of the female and male urinary tract, including urinary tract infections, incontinence, pelvic discomfort, and erectile dysfunction. We don’t only treat but also help to identify problems which can cause these issues thus eliminating them from your daily life.

Our Urologist:

Dr. Shahid Qureshi.


Our healthcare provider recommends lifestyle changes and helps to improve digestion by prescribing soft GI diet or eliminating certain foods that can cause food intolerance and to assist you in diagnosing or relieving digestive problems that may require drug therapy.

Our Gastroenterologist:

Dr. Saad Hassan Khan


For women, taking control of their health and being proactive includes recommended preventive care and screening for conditions that are specific to them, such as those related to reproductive and breast health. In fact, early detection can significantly increase the chances of survival for certain diseases.

Our Gynecologist:

Dr. Fatima Haroon.


To control the spread of infectious disease, Pediatrician promotes healthy lifestyle for a long disease-free life and helps ease the problems of children and adolescents with chronic conditions and identifies irregularities in growth spur.

Our Pediatrician:

Dr. Shahzad Khurram.


Cardiovascular disease is extremely common, and more frightening is the fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death among both genders as it often shows no early signs. But as a health provider we ensure you that many cardiovascular deaths are preventable and early intervention can save your life.

Our Cardiologist:

Dr. Jawad Rafique.


We, at Holistic Care, are delivering quality eye care with state of art equipment’s and expertise. Our ophthalmologist manages patients of all ages, from premature babies to the elderly, with acute and long-term eye conditions.

Our Eye Specialist:

Dr. Muhammad Abid Javed


Homeo physician provides wide range of services ranging from skin problems, hair problem, weight loss, weight gain, male infertility, cholesterol, diabetes, short height, sleep disorders. And all without the use of allopathic medicines.

Our Homeo physician:

Dr. Faisal Syed

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