Mesotherapy in Lahore

Hair mesotherapy is a renowned treatment method applied by injecting the minerals, vitamins and mixture of an amino acid essential for hair into the scalp.

Mesotherapy treatment effectively enables the components that nourish hair follicles and settle in the hair effortlessly. The ultimate purpose of mesotherapy is to treat hair thinning, strengthen thin hair and slow down the hair fall process.

Moreover, this magical treatment makes your hair look shinier and stronger.

However, it is imperative to choose the best clinic and to know the price of mesotherapy treatment in Lahore to keep risks and side effects at bay.

Key Takeaway

  • Mesotherapy treatment is an ideal non-surgical alternative for hair growth.
  • The procedure effectively treats hair thinning by providing boosts of vitamins to the scalp.
  • Taking multiple mesotherapy treatments can improve blood flow for hair regrowth.
  • It treats bald patches and active hair follicles among men and women.
  • Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss can be performed using an injection that contains the components essential for hair revitalization.
  • This treatment for hair loss can take 30-40 minutes as it all depends on bald patches or scalp area that requires treatment.
  • The procedure is quick to perform and less painful, with minimal recovery time.
  • Generally, you need around two or three sessions of mesotherapy treatment to see evident results.
  • According to researchers, the success rate of hair mesotherapy treatment is 90% to 92%.

Hair mesotherapy is more effective than tablets, medication and related hair care products.

What is Mesotherapy for Hair?

Mesotherapy for hair is a treatment method where the expert doctor injects minerals, vitamins and an amino acid cocktail essential for hair growth into the scalp.

The fundamental purpose of the treatment is to enhance the growth of hair follicles by settling into the scalp area quickly. As a result, you can experience strong and shinier hair as the process treats hair loss and thinning and nourishes your hair.

In the mesotherapy technique, tiny drops from injections are given all over the scalp. Several injection cocktails are available, primarily botanical extract and promote hair growth.

If the treatment sounds scary, don’t worry. It’s a non-surgical treatment and a secure hair treatment option to consider.

Don’t overthink how mesotherapy works for you. You are only being injected with goodness, i.e., vitamins and minerals. They can give a magical appearance to your hair by strengthening your hair follicles.

Who Can Benefit from Mesotherapy Hair Treatment?

Whether male or female, you are an ideal candidate for mesotherapy hair treatment if hair fall embarrasses you and makes you look old.

The treatment is beneficial for alopecia, but anyone experiencing hair fall can choose the treatment.

Nevertheless, the treatment is unsuitable if you are bald or if any genetic disorder has made hair regrowth impossible. This is because the therapy only stimulates inactive bulbs and nourishes hair follicles.

Moreover, people with diabetes, skin ailments, haemophilia and pregnant women should not choose this treatment for hair regrowth or to stop hair fall.

Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

There are numerous benefits of mesotherapy for hair loss. That’s why; the treatment is gaining massive popularity globally.

We have highlighted some key benefits for you.

Effective Treatment

If you are curious about the effectiveness of the treatment, then gladly, it works well for hair fall. In fact, combining mesotherapy with PRP treatment gives far better and superior results.

Less Invasive and Secure Option

Mesotherapy is a secure alternative with minor side effects compared to multiple surgical hair treatments. Besides, it doesn’t damage surrounding tissues and gives a shiny appearance to your hair in less time.

Improves Scalp Immunity

The treatment revives hair follicles and rejuvenates your scalp too. New blood vessels start developing after injecting vitamins and minerals into the scalp’s desired area. The treatment ensures thicker, stronger and shinier hair.

Give Your Hair a Radiating Glow with Mesotherapy Treatment

So, do you want to avoid hair fall, itchy scalp and dandruff?

What are you waiting for? You can get rid of hair fall issues. Choose the best doctor in the DHA phase and determine mesotherapy for hair loss cost in Lahore now.

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