Benefits of Thread Lift

Many people want to look younger and more snatched but do not have the money, or the strength to commit to a facelift. A facelift is a surgical, invasive, and expensive process that involves cutting and sewing your skin. It’s a rigorous process, and frankly very permanent. So some people may have reservations about committing to it.

And even if one decides to break out of that, the cost of the surgery itself is very high and cannot be afforded by everyone. But what if there’s another treatment similar to a facelift, if not better than it?

Thread lift is a less dangerous, less painful, and temporary alternative to a facelift. It’s minimally invasive, less expensive, and very quick. But before we jump into the benefits of a thread lift in detail, let’s define what it is and go through its process step by step.

What is Thread Lift

Thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves piercing the skin with tiny needles containing thread. The needles are removed after their application and the thread that has been inserted beneath the skin tightens it to give a younger, more youthful look.

This is just the surface level of the actual procedure of a thread lift. But rest assured, it is not as painful or as time-consuming as it sounds like. The detailed step-by-step of thread lift is given below:

  1. Consultation: Before your procedure, you should book an appointment with an experienced individual like an aesthetician or a plastic surgeon. You can schedule a consultation with our best dermatologists at holisticare. Make sure you communicate all your medical history at your appointment so your doctor knows what to do and what to avoid in your procedure in terms of allergens.
  2.  Preparation: On the day of your procedure. Your skin will be prepped before the thread insertion. The doctor will apply a numbing cream or topical anesthetic to your face to make your procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.
  3. Insertion: Based on your target area and the kind of thread lift you have opted for, your doctor will define where to insert the threads. The threads will be pierced into the skin using needles or cannula.
  4. Removal of the Cannula: After the threads have been inserted beneath the skin, the needle is removed. The threads are then tightened per the client’s skin problem i.e. sagging, wrinkles, etc.

A thread list is also sometimes very appropriately called a “lunchtime lift” attributing to its quick performance duration and downtime.

Benefits of Thread Lift

Benefits of Thread Lift

Thread lift has plenty of benefits that make it superior to a facelift. Some of them are listed below.

1.   Promotes Collagen Production

Like most minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, a thread lift promotes your body to produce collagen. The piercing of the threads causes some wounds to the skin, which ultimately causes it to go into healing mode, or in other words, produce collagen.

2.   Instant Results

Unlike surgical and invasive procedures, thread lift gives instant results. The process itself is around 30 minutes to an hour long and the skin tightening is felt and noticed almost immediately after it.

3.   Low-risk

Because of its minimally invasive nature, thread lift is completely low-risk. The materials used in the procedure, including the threads, are absorbable, and perfectly safe to use in the skin.

4.   Minimally Invasive

A thread lift has no cutting or removing of skin. The only invasive part of it is the insertion of the threads.

5.   Temporary but long-lasting results

This could be both an advantage and a disadvantage of a thread lift. The threads used in it are mostly absorbable and will disappear after a year or two. However, unlike a facelift, the temporary result may just be favorable in case the client decides to opt out of it.

6.   Reduces skin sagging and wrinkles

Thread lift is mainly done to reduce sagging and wrinkles. After the needles have inserted the threads underneath the skin, the threads are tightened in the targetted area, instantly giving the skin a lift. The tightening of the skin causes the appearance of wrinkles to reduce, and the skin is lifted.

7.   Makes the texture of the skin better

The tightening and collagen production also generally makes the skin look younger, plumper, and clearer. It makes the texture of it look more smooth and refined.

8.   Little to no downtime

The best thing about the thread lift is it has little to no recovery time. In theory, you may be asked to rest for a few days, but in reality, you’re completely fine and can go about your day instantly. The little swelling and redness you have will go away after 2 or 3 days.

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