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We, at “HOLISTIC CARE” fight to neutralize the toxification in your lifestyle. Thus, providing you with a sustainable routine with slightly modifying your lifestyles. We combine Allopathic practices in such a way that your body doesn’t gets immune to its pros while neglecting its cons.

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We at HOLISTIC CARE cater to patients from diverse backgrounds. With specialties ranging from Dermatologist to Nutritionist, from Internal Medicine to Pediatrician, we have all under one roof.


The philosophy of holistic nutrition, much like the concept of holistic care, stems from acknowledgment and examination of a person’s entire physical and mental being before deciding on a course of action in the management and treatment of disease or disability.

Skin Care

Holistic care is about treating external skin with the right nutrients and minerals it needs to heal but not only that. The concept of holistic skincare includes a complete evaluation and rejuvenation of your skin from the inside and out to maintain a sustainable routine.


Our physiotherapists help patients affected by injury, disability, or illness through exercise and manual therapy. It is a holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of pain disorders.


A holistic approach to orthopedic surgery optimizes the outcome of the procedure. When dealing with chronic and musculoskeletal complications, our providers suggest a variety of procedures for expedited recovery.


Patients come to our clinic with several neurological conditions ranging from concussions, ADHD/ADD, traumatic brain injuries to learning disabilities, and more. At Holistic Clinic we seek to treat the whole body rather than just the problem area as each part of the human body depends on the others to live and thrive.


Holistic medicine means considering the patients’ mind, body, and, soul in the management and prevention of disease or disability. The patient’s spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness is as important as a patient’s physical wellness to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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I got a consultation from Holistic Clinic on the recommendation of a very dear friend and that day changed my life. Doctors here at Holistic Clinic gave me an extremely thorough assessment. I sat with the nutritionist and was guided on how to make a diet plan for myself that would suit me and would also be sustainable. I went through several treatments including all-natural medicine, physio, pain management, and allopathic medicine to treat the range of my symptoms from my GERD to my weight loss and sleep. It has been over a month and a half of consistent treatment now and I have to say my life has changed.



The approach at Holistic Clinic was unlike any I have seen before. Their experts did a full depth assessment of my skin and then a treatment plan was curated especially made to suit my skin, after long hours of consultation. They incorporated physical therapy, exercise, and massages into my lifestyle which was designed to help my skin. I could feel the toxins leave my body and my skin glowing as I went on with my recovery process and I am pleased to say that my skin now has shown various levels of improvement and continues to get better!



With outstanding physiotherapy offered and guidance and assessment from certified neurologists, I was able to identify my structural issues and fix them. Historically, I have dealt with chronic pain and a constant decline in my motor skills. Upon coming to Holistic Clinic, I have been helped through the various osteopathic procedures and I am better equipped to manage my pain now. All the health practitioners at the Clinic have supported me and helped me throughout my recovery process and my experience at Holistic Clinic has had a long-lasting impact on me and I would recommend you go in for a consultation for any disability, disease, or injury.

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