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If you want to have the most minimally invasive procedure that will fix your skin in the most natural way, a chemical face peel might just be your next best friend.

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While there are many precautions one should take with a chemical peel treatment, if done correctly, it can lead to amazing results that will last you quite a long time. So instead of going through the trouble of searching for “chemical peels near me” or “chemical face peels near me” you can literally make the process so much more efficient for you. Visit the Holisticare website to schedule a consultation with our experts and determine if our procedure is suitable for your needs.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of what a chemical peel is or get into the juicy chemical peel before and after—let us skim the essentials of it. A chemical peel is a minimally invasive process that does not pierce or prick your skin in any way. While the extent of intensity of a chemical peel depends on the type the client selects for themselves, it’s generally not as invasive as a surgical procedure. So, in some ways, going for it would be so much better and safer than going for surgery.

Things to know about Chemical Peel

In this section, we aim to address several questions such as ‘chemical peel benefits’ and ‘chemical peel price in Pakistan.’

However, before delving into these specifics, let’s start with the fundamentals: What is a chemical peel?

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that reduces the look of many visible skin problems.

It is performed by applying a strong chemical solution onto the skin to essentially injure the upper layer of it. This causes the skin to peel off and reveal a ‘brand new’ younger-looking skin beneath.

Ideal Candidate

Chemical peel for acne scars or chemical peel for aging skin are the ideal treatments. Additionally, a client with concerns like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, mild scarring, freckles, or surface-level imperfections may consider opting for a chemical peel.


The downtime for chemical peels varies depending on the specific type chosen.

  1. Light Chemical Peel: No downtime; precautions needed for sun protection.
  2. Medium Chemical Peel: Prolonged downtime, a few days of rest at home, prescribed ointment for swelling.
  3. Deep Peel: 2-3 weeks downtime, bandages, rigorous aftercare; more intensive than other types.

Don’t go searching for ‘chemical peel treatments near me’  or ‘chemical peel dermatologists near me on Google, let Holisticare; ‘s dermatologists and consultants assist you in creating a personalized treatment plan.

The Procedure of a Chemical Peel

The procedure of a chemical peel is quite straightforward.

  1. Skin Prep: Before the chemical peel, your skin undergoes thorough cleaning to remove excess oils and debris.
  2. Anesthetic Application: For intense peels, a topical anesthetic or even sedation ensures your comfort during the procedure.
  3. Chemical Solution Application: Depending on the chosen peel type, your doctor applies a chemical solution—ranging from salicylic and glycolic acids to phenol—to your skin.
  4. Aftercare: A neutralizing solution may follow, and your skin is gently pressed with cold compresses for soothing effects.


Again, it all depends on the kind of chemical peel you are opting for. On average though, the duration of a chemical peel can range from 15 minutes to 1 or 1.5 hours.

Chemical Peel vs. Microneedling

If we compare chemical peel vs. microneedling, one thing is for certain– they basically work on the same principle: injuring the skin in order to promote a much more accelerated growth and collagen production, so the ‘new’ skin comes out looking better than the old one. But the fundamental difference between the two is how they are performed (with chemical peel being a chemical exfoliant procedure, and micro-needling using several tiny needles to prick the skin) chemical peels use more of a superficial approach, and are much more efficient with treating problems like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, mild scarring, etc. On the other hand, micro-needling is a much deeper process that works to fix more stubborn issues that are not surface-level

Types of Chemical Peel

Our chemical peel packages are designed to help improve the appearance of your skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting new cell growth. We offer the following options:

Face Chemical Peel

  • This package is perfect for anyone looking to remove freckles, wrinkles, and aging and refresh their facial skin. 
  • Our experienced professionals will work with you to determine the best strength and type of peel for your individual needs.

Hand Chemical Peel

  • This package is perfect for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their hands. 
  • This package can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and dark knuckles, leaving your hands looking younger and more refreshed.

Feet Chemical Peel

  • Our foot chemical peel package is designed to improve the appearance of dry, cracked, or callused feet. 
  • This package can help soften and smooth your feet, leaving them feeling refreshed and revitalized.

All peeling procedures take between 3 to 5 minutes.

Transformation of Chemical Peel

Chemical peels yield noticeable improvements in aging effects, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and sun damage. Results include reduced wrinkles and age spots, a radiant glow, and improved skin tone. Longevity varies by peel type but is generally more lasting than some alternatives.

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Example A Roll Image scaled 1

Patient Reviews

Testimonials, as authentic endorsements from satisfied customers, serve as potent social proof, significantly inspiring trust in potential consumers.
Customer Name
Customer Title
Testimonials, as authentic endorsements from satisfied customers, serve as potent social proof, significantly inspiring trust in potential consumers.
Customer Name
Customer Title
Testimonials, as authentic endorsements from satisfied customers, serve as potent social proof, significantly inspiring trust in potential consumers.
Customer Name
Customer Title

Final Words

All of this is just a generalized idea of what a chemical peel is. To get more acquainted with the procedure, and figure out what works or doesn’t work for you, we recommend getting an appointment with one of our professionals. Ultimately, it all depends on your skin type and preferences.

Fequently Asked Questions

Yes and no, light and medium chemical peels are not painful– they might be slightly uncomfortable, but nothing more than that. However, deep chemical peels can be painful sometimes, but the pain is usually mitigated by good medical practice.

Yes, you can get swelling, redness, and in some extreme cases infection if you have an underlying medical issue. This is why it is important to discuss your medical history with your doctor.

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