How Many Hair Loss Per Day is Normal for Men?

Hair loss is a very sensitive topic, especially among middle aged and older men. Even noticing a slight amount of hair loss can trigger men to believe that they are suffering from alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Not only that but in this article, we’ll also be providing you with information on ;

How many hair loss per day is normal for men?

But we’re here to tell you that losing a small amount of hair daily is absolutely normal and is part of the normal shedding process.

But before that, we’ll be getting into what triggers this normal hair shedding process. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

What Triggers Daily Hair Fall?

We reckon you probably freak out and have a minor panic attack when you see clumps of hair coming out when you’re brushing them or washing them. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s absolutely normal.

That’s because all of our hair goes through three major stages: Anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (rest). It is in this final stage, telogen, that our hair become the weakest as they’re making way for the new hair follicles that are growing on your scalp.

This naturally leads to these weaker hair falling out in clumps as soon as you go to brush them or wash them. A phenomenon known as hair shedding not hair loss.

The normal hair loss per day female ranges from 50 to 150 hair. But for men, this range is slightly smaller. Which is something we’re going to talk about in the next section.

Normal Hair Fall Per Day for Men

Even in men, the amount of hair you lose on a daily basis differs according to your age. This is basically because your body slows down hair growth as you age.

Essentially meaning that you’re allowed to lose more hair when you’re younger but that margin gets slightly smaller as you age.

Normal Hair Fall Per Day Teenage Male

Finally getting down to business, the amount of hair a normal teenage male can shed in a day is around 100 to 110. These usually come out in clumps when you’re brushing and washing your hair.

Normal Hair Fall Per Day Adult Male

As we mentioned before, adult males don’t shed as much hair as teenagers owing to the fact that their hair growth is significantly slower. Which is why the normal amount of hair an adult male can shed is around 50 to 100.


Causes of Excessive Hair Loss

Now that you’re properly informed about how much hair you can lose daily without it counting as hair loss, you should be able to detect immediately when your hair loss goes over the normal limit.

If you do detect your hair coming out in clumps even when you’re not brushing or washing them, then there could be a problem and you should consult a dermatologist immediately.

Even if you do start losing hair at an alarming rate, it still doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from alopecia. Instead, you could just be experiencing excessive hair shedding.

This is not at all the same as hair loss where your hairline starts receding as your hair start gradually thinning, eventually ending in you going bald.

These shedding hair will be replaced by new hair follicles, however you still need to get to the root of the problem to avoid dropping hair everywhere in your home.

In our experience, you could be experiencing a short bout of excessive hair loss due to some recent stressful event or some significant changes to your body. These significant events include:

How Many Hair Loss Per Day is Normal for Men
  • Losing a lot of weight
  • Recovering from a long term sickness, for example high fever.
  • Recovering from an illness.
  • Successfully recovering from an operation.
  • The death of a close loved one.
  • Going through a significant change in your life. Examples include a breakup, a divorce, losing a job, or giving birth.

Your mind gets affected by these stressful events and as a side effect it halts any processes that aren’t necessary to keeping you alive, such as maintaining your hair.

The natural consequence is excessive hair shedding. However, the good thing is once your mind readjusts to the new reality, this hair shedding should decrease pretty quickly. In fact, within 6 to 9 months your hair should be back to their normal length.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we have for you folks in this post about how many hair loss is normal for men. We hope all the information in this post was easy enough to understand.

Above all we hope it was able to reassure you that a small amount of hair shedding is absolutely normal. Lastly, we also hope that you’ll be able to detect the causes behind your excessive hair shedding if you ever experience something like that.

If you’re still concerned, then we’d recommend connecting with Holisticare’s excellent dermatology department for some extra guidance on how to deal with your hair loss.

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