Vampire Facial in Lahore

What is a bloody vampire facial? We’ve all come across those viral vampire facial before and after photos, with women having their entire faces covered in blood. That’s how it gets its name, and that’s how it works.

Vampire Facial is the new trend in the beauty and skincare industry. For some of us, it sounds cool, for others it sounds scary. Regardless of what you think of its name, vampire facial more scientifically known as PRP Vampire Facial (platelet-rich plasma) is gaining traction as the next miracle step to better skin.

Although a vampire facial does give you a more youthful appearance, it definitely doesn’t turn you into a vampire. So, what’s the big deal about it? It’s famous for using the patient’s own blood to treat their skin issues.

Based on vampire facial reviews online, This skin procedure is popular among both celebrities and non-celebrities. Fortunately, Holisticare offers this service for you. Experience the rebirth with Holisticare, book your appointment now!

Things To Know About Vampire Facial

Vampire facial benefits are insane but before delving into them, let’s first understand what it is. Let’s also answer some other questions like: how long does vampire facial last? If deciding between Vampire Facial vs. microneedling, which option would be better?

How it Works?

Our own body has natural healing abilities. That is most prominent in how our blood works. Our blood has multiple components that assist in the body’s healing and recovery. One of those components is the plasma. When we extract your blood for the vampire facial, we are essentially using the plasma in the blood as an assistant to help rejuvenate your skin’s stubborn issues.


Vampire facial downtime ranges from 3 days to a week, with a relatively quick recovery. In most cases, it’s a week at most, barring complications.


Minimal side effects, quick procedure—Vampire facial takes only 30 minutes to an hour for completion. Results can be noticeable after the first session.

Ideal candidate

Ideal candidates for the bloody facial are those who’ve experienced aging, showcasing wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, or acne scars.

How Long it Lasts?

The Vampire Facial, minimally invasive yet long-lasting. Effects endure for almost a year, with some clients enjoying additional months beyond.

Key Steps for Procedure

The procedure for this treatment is quite simple and can be covered in three steps:

  1. Your blood is extracted from your arm.
  2. The blood sample is taken to a lab and put through a centrifuge. It’s a machine that separates the plasma and platelets from other components of the blood.
  3. The plasma (with some platelets) is then applied to your face through either microneedling or injection.

Transformation of Vampire Facial

The results of vampire facial are very noticeable. You can see them in most before and after vampire facial pictures. It gets rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin and even fixes skin dullness and unevenness.

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Example B Roll Image 819x1024 1

Vampire facial vs. Microneedling?

Vampire facial is a more advanced form of microneedling. While microneedling just pricks your skin with tiny needles that bruise it, and in turn, stimulate it to produce more collagen for healing. Vampire facial does more than just the pricking part.

Afterward, your doctor (with special vampire facial training) will either inject (if the micro-needling isn’t done beforehand) the PRP into your skin or rub it on (after microneedling). Both procedures are similar, but vampire facials have more intense results which can be seen in one or two sessions, unlike the multiple sessions in microneedling.

Patient Reviews

Testimonials, as authentic endorsements from satisfied customers, serve as potent social proof, significantly inspiring trust in potential consumers.
Customer Name
Customer Title
Testimonials, as authentic endorsements from satisfied customers, serve as potent social proof, significantly inspiring trust in potential consumers.
Customer Name
Customer Title
Testimonials, as authentic endorsements from satisfied customers, serve as potent social proof, significantly inspiring trust in potential consumers.
Customer Name
Customer Title

Final Words

PRP vampire facial reviews all around the world have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s minimally invasive, has a really low downtime, lasts way longer than other similar procedures, and looks really funky. So, stop googling things like “vampire facial near me” and trust us at holisticare to take care of your skincare needs. For more questions about our competitive vampire facial costs and great aftercare, contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vampire facial reduces fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It makes your skin even and radiant.

Vampire facial generally involves minimal risks. However, like every other procedure, it’s not completely risk-free. Vampire facial risks include swelling, itching, slight burning, or allergic reactions. It’s better to consult one of our experts at Holisticare to manage and minimize your risks before the procedure.

Since they are two completely different procedures. The question of whether the Vampire facial is better than the Hydra facial solely depends on what you want. If you want long-lasting results with more benefits, you should go for the Vampire facial. However, if you want something short-term, and a quick bang for your buck, HydraFacial is the way to go.

No, our experts ensure thorough application of numbing cream. While there may be a slight discomfort, there will be no outright pain.

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