Does Showering Everyday Cause Hair Loss? – Normal Hair Loss

The belief that showering can actively induce male or female pattern baldness and even dandruff is quite popular these days. However, we’re here to tell you that this belief is nothing but a myth.

Yes, you might’ve seen a clump of hair often clogging your shower drain but this is quite natural and actually beneficial when it comes to the overall health of your hair.

Don’t believe us? No worries, we’ll take our time explaining it to you, as we debunk this myth in detail in the article below.

Does Showering Everyday Cause Hair loss?

The first thing you should know is that hair loss or male/female pattern baldness is usually caused by fluctuations in your hormones or is hereditary. To add to that, you can also fall victim to hair loss as a side effect of some treatment you’re going through, for example chemotherapy.

The hair you lose in the shower are already in their final stage and are just looking for that small push that allows them to fall out. Let us explain.

Your hair follicles go through three different stages of life:

  • Development
  • Rest
  • Shedding

Now, hair that have already reached the shedding phase are ready to drop whenever some external force is applied to them. This is known as hair shedding, not hair loss.

For males hair loss entails a receding hairline and losing hair both from the crown and other front regions of your scalp.

For female hair loss is the overall thinning of their hair. Both of which cannot be caused by washing your hair daily.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower ?(Male)

showering causing hairloss in males

We’ve already explained how losing hair in the shower is normal. However, that’s only up to a certain amount. According to the Cleveland Clinic, if you’re losing around 50 to 100 hair per day from showering then you’re definitely in the clear and that cannot be counted as hair loss.

But, if you start to lose substantially more than this amount during your daily showers then that becomes a cause for concern. At that point you’ll have to look at the extra stuff you do to your hair either during or after your shower as that can impact the number of hair you lose.

For example, styling your hair with hot tools, especially as they’re dry from the daily washing, can cause your hair to become brittle and fall out. Dried out hair strands are quite brittle on their own and when they come under tension or pressure they do tend to fall out.

So just make sure you don’t style your hair too often if you want to protect them from breaking and falling out.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal in the Shower ?(Female)

Now that we’ve established that losing hair during your daily showers is normal and mentioned the daily normal amount of hair males can lose during showers, let’s talk about what’s considered the normal amount for hair women lose during their daily showers.

Since most women’s hair are thicker and longer than men, the normal amount of hair they can lose if they shower daily is 100 to 150. If you’re a woman who’s been blessed with extra thick hair then that number can go up to 200 or even 250. Any more than that and we’d recommend getting checked out by a dermatologist.

We’d also like to mention here that contrary to popular belief, washing your hair daily is actually a pretty good practice. Daily washes remove any unwanted toxins, oil or other buildups in your hair that can weaken your hair follicles.

On top of that, washing your scalp daily also increases the amount of sebum in it. Sebum is the natural oil in our scalp and is responsible for giving our hair a soft glow and smooth texture.

showering causes hairloss in women

How to Stop Hair Fall After Hair Wash?

Your hair are understandably fragile when you step out of the shower and if put under too much pressure can break. Which is why we recommend not brushing your hair straight after you get out of the shower.

Blow drying or air drying them first is a better option as it allows them to settle and regain their strength. For women we also recommend not tying your hair in tight hairstyles as that too can lead to your hair becoming fragile and easy to break.

A good shampoo can also do wonders for the overall health of your hair. Switching to a gentler shampoo might be just what you need to stem your hair fall.

Lastly, as we already mentioned before, try to refrain from using any hot hair styling equipment as that can lead to breakage and eventually hair loss.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all we have for you folks when it comes to our answer to the question: Does showering everyday cause hair loss? Hopefully our explanation of the process that occurs when your hair falls out in the shower was easy enough to understand.

The bottom line is the hair you lose in the shower, provided they’re within 50 to 150 in number, is known as hair shedding. A perfectly natural process that cannot be considered as hair loss.

For more information on what can actually cause hair loss and how to defend against it, we’d suggest getting in touch with holisticare’s excellent dermatology department. While you’re at it, you can also pick their brain for any skin care tips they have to offer.

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