Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore

Losing 200-150 hairs a day is quite normal for both males and females. The worry starts when you start losing more than that on a daily basis. That’s what we in the health community call hair loss.

Now, hair loss can have plenty of causes that differ in both men and women.
Which brings us to our main topic of discussion: How to find the best hair loss treatment in Lahore.

The most common of these is a lack of nutrition or poor diet, a recent stressful event, over reliance on hair products, or in some extreme cases an autoimmune condition that causes hair fall. The exact reason is difficult to diagnose, which is why you should only rely on experts for any answers related to hair loss.

hairloss and hair shedding

Distinguishing Hair Loss from Hair Shedding

We previously alluded to how losing hair as part of your daily routine is normal. The only time you should panic is when you start losing more than 150 hairs per day. But we still haven’t touched on why that’s “normal”. Well, the phenomenon of hair growth can explain that one quite easily.

Basically, your hair goes through a growth cycle that consists of 4 different phases. The first is known as the anagen phase, where your hair follicles continuously grow for several years. Next comes the catagen phase, where your hair follicles shrink and the growth of your hair slows down considerably.

After this comes the telogen phase, also known as the resting phase. During this period your hair follicles stop actively producing hair and your scalp starts shedding old hair to make way for the new batch that your hair follicles are about to produce.

However, if your hair loss persists throughout the year, then that becomes cause for concern. You must consult one of the many experienced hair loss doctors in Lahore, if you live in and around the area.

Popular Hair Loss Treatment Techniques

Fortunately, if you are indeed suffering from hair loss, there’s plenty of non-invasive techniques you could opt for as a way to treat the issue. Down below, we’ve outlined some of the most popular ones that are sure to get your hair looking as silky smooth as they previously were.

Individuals suffering from uneven hair growth can always opt for PRP treatment, if they’re hesitant in opting for surgical hair loss treatment techniques.

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy)treatment entails taking the patient’s blood just like a routine blood test and isolating platelet-rich plasma from their blood.

The PRP extracted is then injected into the scalp of the patient using non-invasive injections in order to heal hair follicles and speed up the natural hair growth process.

According to recent findings by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the success rate of PRP therapy for hair loss is 80%-90%.

To add to that, some of the best dermatologists in Lahore are practicing PRP therapy, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the actual efficacy of the process.

Mesotherapy is quite similar to PRP therapy in that it also entails injecting substances into the patient’s scalp. In fact, some even consider it less invasive and painful than PRP therapy as it doesn’t require any extraction of blood.

We’ve mentioned how hair loss and thinning hair can be caused by poor nutrition or a lack of vitamins and minerals. Well, mesotherapy is the perfect fix for the issue as it basically entails injecting vitamins, minerals and mixtures of amino acids into your scalp.

These components help nourish your hair follicles in an effort to strengthen your hair and slow down the hair fall process.

Granted, it might not be as effective as PRP treatment, but if you’ve just recently started experiencing hair loss it could indeed be quite efficient.

One of the most popular alopecia treatments in Lahore is laser surgery. Now, the words “laser surgery” may sound invasive, but in reality it’s a relatively non-invasive treatment technique that’s gained plenty of popularity in recent years.

It is particularly used to treat male or female pattern baldness (alopecia) that’s usually hereditary. The way the process works is simple: Low level lasers or light emitting diodes are directed at your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles.

The light energy absorbed by the hair follicles allows them to enhance cellular activity and promote hair growth. Reports of its effectiveness are varied, with some individuals reporting immediate results and thicker hair. While some report that it had no effect on them.

Best Doctors for Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore

If you live in and around the Lahore area, you’re in luck as Lahore is considered a hub for hair loss specialists. There’s so many options to choose from including highly experienced professionals who have been treating hair loss issues for their patients for over a decade.

However, if you’re truly looking for the best hair fall treatment in Lahore, then we’d have to recommend the experts at Holisticare. Each doctor at Holisticare is well versed in diagnosing and treating various hair loss problems.

Their dermatology department is filled with experts who are trained in all the popular hair loss treatment techniques including the ones we’ve mentioned above.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and call them to book your first appointment, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, hair loss treatment in Lahore is rapidly gaining popularity, with Lahore fast becoming a hub for any hair related issues for the people of Pakistan. We will say however that it’s important to self-diagnose yourself a bit before you seek the help of an expert.

The bare minimum you can do is figure out if your hair falling out is actually bonafide hair loss or just hair shedding. With that said, never self-medicate! Especially when it comes to hair loss, as it can have disastrous results.

It’s better to just consult experts like those at Holisticare when it comes to diagnosing the exact reason for your hair loss and how you should treat it.

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