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Moles can be seriously annoying, especially if they show up in a prominent location on your body. Moles on the face, arms and torso are the most annoying and can sometimes itch when they rub up against your clothes. Plus, they might hinder your overall appearance.

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However, no matter how problematic these moles might be, they don’t necessarily need to be removed unless they’re cancerous. The implications otherwise are quite obvious.

So, with that said, how do you remove a mole? What are some of the procedures you could opt for? Let’s find out.

In fact, a study by The American Academy of Dermatology evaluated that most people have 10 to 40 moles somewhere on their skin.

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What are Moles?

To put it simply, moles are basic skin growths that appear naturally in most people’s cases. Moles are usually brown or black in color and some even have hair growing out of them.

Scientifically, moles appear when skin cells (melanocytes) start growing in clumps or clusters instead of being spread throughout the skin. The absolute worst case scenario is when moles start forming on your skin in groups. In situations like that we’d personally advise seeing a dermatologist and getting that cluster of moles removed.

Best Mole Removal Treatments

Before we move on to discussing the best treatments related to mole removal lahore, we’d like to caution you against opting for home remedies for removing moles.

Most of the home remedies you’ll find on the internet are not proven to work and some may be dangerous. If you do feel the need to try them, make sure you check with your dermatologist first. With that said, let’s move on to the treatments we recommend for removing moles.

This is probably the least invasive mole treatment on this list and just involves freezing the mole with liquid nitrogen or another freezing agent. This causes the mole’s cells to die and for blisters to form around the mole. The area then gets swollen up over time, after which a scab forms over the treated area.

Once the skin heals itself, the mole automatically disappears. Keep in mind that this method should on be used to remove non-cancerous moles. So, you’d actually be better off opting for a biopsy for the mole before going straight in to get it removed.

When it comes to mole removals, one of the most searched phrases on Google is “Mole removal laser treatment cost”. Thus, we believe you’ll be quite pleased to know that there is indeed a method to burn off a mole with a laser. More than that, you’ll be ecstatic to know that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

You will however, have to go in for multiple sessions in order to fully remove the mole. Basically, laser for skin moles treatment involves using specialized pigment to break down the mole cells, causing the mole to fade or disappear eventually.

It’s important to note that not all moles are suitable for laser removal, especially not cancerous ones. Thus, it’s advisable to get your mole checked out before you go straight in for its removal.

Shaving off a mole is probably the least expensive brown moles on face treatment on this list. The process basically entails numbing the surrounding area of the mole with an anesthetic and using a scalpel or similar surgical tool to shave off the raised portion of the mole.

This should only be done at skin level while making sure that the scalpel doesn’t penetrate too deep into the skin. Once again, this method shouldn’t be applied to cancerous moles.

By far the most invasive black moles on face treatment discussed yet, excision can be extremely effective in removing moles within a short time period. This procedure also initially involves shaving excess mole growing out of your skin.

However, it also goes deeper than that as it cuts out a mole from your skin entirely, causing the dermatologist to stitch your skin back together after the procedure is complete. This is also the only method that should be applied to remove cancerous moles as it involves cutting the entire mole out altogether. 

Best Dermatologists for Mole Removal in Lahore

Now that you know how potentially dangerous a mole removal can be and how important it is to identify the type of mole first before initiating removal, you’ll have likely understood the value of investing in the best dermatologists.

Fortunately, Lahore is filled with top notch dermatologists that have plenty of experience in the field and plenty of experience in removing moles. Apart from that you can also find dermatologists who excel in Pigmentation treatment in Lahore as well as open pores treatment in Lahore.

But the best of the best have to be the dermatologists working in Holisticare’s dermatology department. These experts have decades of experience in the field of dermatology and have a boat load of existing satisfied patients that work with them regularly.

Final Verdict

To recap, moles are categorized as a type of skin growth. One that can be cancerous, but is otherwise quite harmless.

The only other reason for having a mole removed, apart from it being cancerous, is that you don’t like how it’s affecting your appearance. That’s completely fine, but in cases like this it’s incredibly important that you get in touch with the right dermatologists for the procedure.

We wholeheartedly recommend Holisticare as the best dermatologists in Lahore. They excel especially in acne treatment in Lahore and vitiligo treatment in Lahore.

However, they’re also very well versed in the art of removing a mole and will do their due diligence when it comes to identifying what type of mole they’re removing and which method to employ in the removal.

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