Radio Frequency (RF) in Lahore

Radio Frequency (RF) facial treatment is a non-invasive, cost-effective solution for skin tightening, combating wrinkles, sagging, and open pores by stimulating collagen and elastin production through heat waves, offering a rejuvenated and firmer skin texture.

Overtime, skin shows sign of age as it starts loosing proteins (called elastin and collagen) that make your skin firmer. As a result, wrinkles and sagging start appearing on your face, hands and feet.

No doubt, ageing is not something to embarrassed about there comes a point in life where you all think your skin could use a little love. It is absolutely fine to look for a safe and efficient way to give juvenile and radiant appearance to your loose skin.

There are multiple anti-aging treatments available these days to change your sagging skin to firm and glowing skin by improving your skin texture. For instance, you can’t go for dermal fillers but they can treat your wrinkles temporarily. Besides, plastic surgery is also an option for skin tightening but its a costly procedure and not everyone can afford it.

So, what’s the way out? How to choose the most suitable and less invasive skin tightening treatment that doesn’t cost you a fortune?

Have you heard about Radio Frequency treatment (aka RF facial treatment)?

Its a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that majority of dermatologists perform in their office. The practitioner uses a wand connected to a machine that creates heat waves. It passes the wand over your body and applies radio waves to the treated area of face skin.

The waves emit heat that prompts the production of elastin and collagen in your skin. Your skin gets firmer and thicker with time.

Radio frequency is a renowned skin tightening treatment that treats wrinkles, saggy skin and open pores. Consult an expert dermatologist in Lahore for better result.

Do you want to know more about RF treatment? Readout the article to know cost, benefits and risks associated with it.

Everything You Should Know About Radio Frequency Treatment in Lahore

Radio frequency (RF) therapy is also known as radio frequency skin tightening treatment. Its a non-surgical and minimal invasive cosmetic procedure to tighten your saggy skin. Amazingly, RF works well on every skin type mainly when you consult expert dermatologist for this non-surgical procedure.

Energy waves are used during the procedure to heat your skin’s deep layer (also known as dermis) and stimulate the production of collagen.

With time, your skin produces less collagen which leads to saggy skin and wrinkles. Skin laxity occurs between 35 to 40 when quality and quantity of skin’s collagen start reducing.

RF therapy is popular since 2011 for the treatment of skin tightening and other signs of aging. That’s why; people these days consider RF a safe treatment option due to minimum side-effects.

Benefits of RF Therapy

The primary benefit of RF therapy is that it treats saggy skin and reduces wrinkles. Besides, it can also treat sun damaged skin and improves collagen production.

Here are some other impressive benefits you all must know.

Cost of Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy

The cost of RF treatment depends on your body part that is getting treated or your location.

Check the per session treatment price from Holistic Care clinic. Remember, skin tightening is a cosmetic procedure and it is not covered by most insurance providers. Hence, it is imperative to determine the treatment cost before the therapy starts.

Risks of Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy

RF skin tightening is a safe non-surgical procedure mainly when FDA approved cosmetic surgeon performs it.

You can experience skin burn if the treatment is performed inappropriately.

Overall, the treatment is safe and doesn’t involve any scary side-effects. So, it is recommended to consult a professional cosmetic surgeon to avoid potential risks.

Here are some other potential risks associated with the treatment.

  • Tingling
  • Redness
  • Temporary Swelling

People with darker skin tone are at the higher risk of side-effects of RF or any other laser treatment.

radio frequency

How Long Does Radio Frequency Treatment Last?

As compared to surgical procedures, the results of RF therapy don’t last longer. Nevertheless, they last for a considerable amount of time.

Once you are done with the treatment, you don’t need to repeat it for the next one to two years. Dermal fillers may need several touch up sessions after a few months.

You can also buy some radio frequency devices at home but they are not effective and not ensure long-lasting evident results. It is imperative to apply specific gel before using RF devices at home.

Remember, its a complicated procedure and we strongly recommend you to avoid performing such treatments at home. You can ask your doctor if such treatments are safe to perform at home or not.

How to Find the Best Provider for Radio Frequency Treatment in Lahore?

When you look for a provider of a RF therapy, make sure you have chosen a professional and certified practitioner with extensive experience of several years for this purpose. Don’t settle for less cost treatment as you can put your health, money and time at stake.

Gladly, the expert dermatologist and cosmetologist at Holistic Care examine your skin type first and choose the most suitable treatment afterward. You can book appointment with them at any time or go for video consultation for initial sessions.

So, get quality and the best skin care treatment from us now and smile with the reflection of glow.

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