New hair loss products are always in great supply in the global market. One specific hair loss product that’s been gathering plenty of attention recently is Caboki. The hair loss supplement is being highly praised for its unique approach to treating hair loss.

However, the product also has its critics who’ve been very vocal about it being nothing other than a glorified hair loss scam. In fact, some have even criticized the product for actually causing and intensifying hair loss.

So, does Caboki cause hair loss? Let’s find out as we investigate the inner workings of the product in the article below.

What is Caboki?

Caboki is certainly a strange hair loss product when you look at how it functions. The product doesn’t technically help you grow your hair back.


Instead, its primary purpose is to cover up your hair loss and make it seem like you have more hair than you’ve lost. Confused? Let’s dive deeper into how the product works.

The solution contains a bunch of natural hair fibers that have to be topically applied to your scalp in the regions where your hair is thinnest. After some time has passed these hair fibers attach themselves to your thinning hair to give off the illusion of there being more hair on your head.

According to Caboki’s website, these hair fibers are extracted from a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum and then mixed with natural minerals to bring their color closer to a human’s natural hair color.

All in all, the only thing the solution does is cover up the sections of your scalp that may be balding by adding some synthetically produced hair fibers to them.

Can Caboki Cause Hair Loss?

Caboki is one of the top hair fiber brands in the world, and with that reputation also comes plenty of criticism.

The solution has been primarily criticized about actually causing hair loss rather than fixing it. Keeping those criticisms in mind we decided to investigate if there’s any merit to those claims.

According to the reviews we found on Caboki’s website, the overwhelming feedback for the product was positive, with numerous satisfied customers explaining how the product helped them show off a fuller head of hair.

However, we did find a few reviewers claiming that when they applied Caboki to the thinner sections of their scalp repeatedly it dried up their scalp which consequently promoted breakage. Eventually leading to hair loss!

That said, these negative reviews were few and far in between, so when it comes to answering the question: Does Caboki cause hair loss? We’d have to agree with the majority in this case and say no.

Does Caboki Really Work in Stopping Hair Loss?

Just the fact that Caboki does not actually cause hair loss does not definitively prove that it works as a proper hair loss product. In fact, even the majority of its customers don’t claim that the product actually helps reclaim the hair you’ve lost.

Instead it works as a hair loss concealer. However, individuals who decide to use Caboki as a hair loss concealer also have to be really careful to select the right hair color, one that matches their own.

And in some cases users might even have to mix and match different shades to ensure that these synthetic hair fibers resemble their actual hair. Even then some users have noted that the fibers begin to show a matte finish as time wears, resulting in them not matching the users’ natural hair color.

Apart from that, a Caboki solution also contains some ammonia, an inorganic compound that can make you have trouble breathing and be harmful to your skin. In regards to your skin, the ammonia can cause irritation or redness in your skin.

Lastly, Caboki claims that their products are resistant to sweat, rain and wind. However, these solutions come with one small caveat: Their hair fibers stay in place until you wash your hair.

Which essentially means that after you apply these hair fibers on the thinning sections of your scalp, you cannot hop in the shower again until you can actually risk them coming off.

Which might be a problem for those individuals who have to shower multiple times to fully get the dirt out of their hair.

Does Caboki Really Work in Stopping Hair Loss

Is Hair Fiber Safe for Hair?

The general consensus around hair fiber products is actually quite positive with plenty of positive feedback mentioning how it provides users with a cheaper alternative to getting a hair transplant and just allows them to hide the thinner parts of their scalp.

However, as we mentioned before, these hair fiber solutions come with a few caveats and slightly harmful substances like Ammonia which could negatively affect your skin, lungs and even your hair.

On top of that, users who’ve used both Caboki and Toppik hair fiber solutions claim that the products start giving off a chalky, patchy affect over time.

A development that actually makes it difficult for users to claim that these synthetic fibers are a part of their natural hair.

So, if you’re looking for a final verdict, then we’d have to say that applying hair fibers to your hair is safe for a temporary period of time. However, they do not provide a permanent hair loss solution.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, that was our answer to the question: Can Caboki cause hair loss. All in all, hair fiber solutions like Caboki are beneficial in the short term in concealing the thinner parts of your scalp.

They may even be good for your mental health as they could reduce the stress you were previously feeling of losing hair which in turn leads to even more hair loss. However, as we mentioned before they cannot be considered a complete and permanent solution for hair loss.

For further information on if supplements like Caboki are right for you, you do have the option of booking an appointment with Holisticare’s exceptional dermatology department.

Where you can come into contact with expertly qualified hair and skin experts for more guidance on the kind of treatment you need.

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