How to Remove Hair From Face With Besan?

Smooth skin doesn’t only boost our confidence in daily life but also improves our appearance. In this article, we’re addressing one of the natural plus old-age homemade solutions, which is ;

How to Remove Hair From Face With Besan?

In the process of achieving that natural glow, facial hair comes out as a significant obstacle in the process, and many of us look out for effective methods to remove them to achieve that natural glow.

Many of us already know this, but for those who don’t; Besan is also known as gram flour. Besan is obtained from the chickpeas; surprised? It’s something you can always find on one of your kitchen’s shelves.

Did you know that besan can do wonders for your skin and it’s a natural hair removal agent?

Besan’s natural exfoliating properties make it perfect to eliminate facial hair concerns while promoting smoother and clearer skin.

How to Remove Hair From Face With Besan

Does Besan Remove Hair?

What if I tell you that besan is more than a culinary staple stored in a jar and used for our favorite recipes? Besan holds a key to radiant and smoother skin.

Besan isn’t just about cooking; it’s about embracing natural beauty as well. It’s packed with goodness in the form of protein, vitamins, and minerals. We can call it a nourishing treat for your skin.

And the magic touch? Its gentle exfoliation leaves your skin radiant. But there’s more – and that is why we are writing this for you; besan loves absorbing impurities, making it perfect for crafting your facial hair removal solution.

So, say hello to kitchen-to-beauty enchantment, where besan transforms into your skin’s and helps you achieve that hair-free and glowing skin.

While besan (gram flour) is a popular natural remedy for facial hair removal, it’s essential to consult a dermatologist in Lahore for personalized guidance on the best approach for your skin.

How to Remove Facial Hair With Besan At Home?

Are you confused about how to make the perfect blend of besan to get rid of that facial hair? Don’t worry; we have got your back here.

Creating a besan blend is super important; that has the perfect consistency to work its magic on your skin.
Follow the steps below to achieve those perfect besan mixture combinations.

  • Start with mingling the besan with water until you achieve the perfect consistency.
  • You can add turmeric, yogurt, or lemon juice to the mix, as they’re highly effective for your skin.
  • Adding the right amount to find the perfect consistency is the key.

Prepare Your Skin to Apply the Besan Paste

To get the maximum results from Besan’s skincare properties, you must prepare your skin for all the magic. The prepping starts by washing away all the dust from your face, and once it’s cleaned and dried.

Start applying the besan to your skin using your fingers gently throughout your face to get rid of those unwanted hair and dead cells on your skin. Precision is the key here; you’d have to give your skin the time it requires. Make sure you massage all those sensitive spots.

Let the mixture settle into a quiet state of dryness, And then slowly start taking it off with your fingers in a circular motion.

As it starts to fade and drop off your skin, get some lukewarm water in a bowl and wash your face with it. Once you’re all done, you’d feel that bright, hair-free skin you’ve always imagined.

Benefits of Besan

The benefits of besan are not just limited to facial removal; besan’s natural exfoliation properties promote a clear and smoother skin texture. If you add up besan to your daily skincare routine; you won’t just experience better skin over time but also reduced hair growth.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for homemade remedies that could improve the complexion of your skin, then look no further; besan possesses skin-brightening effects that could help achieve that radiant complexion.

How to Remove Hair From Face With Besan


There’s no doubt that besan can do wonders in your skincare routine, with its highly effective properties; it will make you think, why didn’t I know about this before?

But with all its awesomeness, there are just precautions that no one should ever ignore. Before you add this awesomeness to your daily skincare routine, ensure it doesn’t cause any allergy to your skin; you can do that by applying it to a small patch, and remember to avoid excessive usage to avoid any possible irritations.

Once you are satisfied, then you should definitely use it more often to achieve that ideal glowing hair-free skin.

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